Q: The cost is higher than I envisaged. What is driving this?

A: The Tours are genuinely bespoke in that they visit small towns and regional events that you simply won't come across on any regular tour. Therefore both accommodation and genuine local food choices can be limited. Along with accommodation, all meals provided, transfers to multiple towns, race entry, organised training and support, and the unique places we take you, on the whole they represent extremely good value-for-money.

Do take a look at what is included in each Tour to see that there is a lot on offer.

Q: What kind of food can I expect?

A: Regional food is about local, in-season produce prepared in an authentic way that locals enjoy regularly. So, we deliberately steer away from high-end venues where food portions can leave you rushing off to McDonalds for a top-up. In fact, some of our stops look like something you might walk right on by. Rest assured, you will be pleasantly surprised. It's also worth also noting you won't see a ‘Tourist Menu’, which, not only can fall short of expectations, but the regions we visit have no real appetite (pardon the pun) to cater for large tourist groups

Q: Are all meals included?

A: All meals are included in the price. This includes basic drinks and in most cases local wines. We are in the Tuscany region, so the wines are of very good quality. Breakfasts are usually a typical (simple) Italian breakfast of a selection of pastries and coffee. This should suffice until Lunch (and Dinner) where you can expect to be a little heavier after both. Worth noting that some food-venues are truly amazing food experiences which you would only come across on top food tours. Other Lunch and Dinner venues are very humble, yet filling (you won't go hungry) and authentically Italian (fresh, seasonal, local produce)

Q: I’m more of a plodder than a runner. Will I be out-of-place?

A: No you won't. The Tours are designed to cater for the full range of runner from a slow shuffle to race pace. As long as you run or jog regularly (at least 3 times a week), you will be catered for, and the running will help balance your calorie intake on the tours

Q: I am a fast runner. Will I be out-of-place?

A: Again, absolutely not. In fact, you might come away with a prize like a pair of shoes or a leg of prosciutto. The training sessions planned through the week would be similar to something you might be doing at home or with a running group

Q: This is your first tour. Should we be worried?

A: If there is one thing I have learned in all my trips to Italy is if anything can go wrong, it probably will.

So I have only selected events that I have done, most of them multiple times. This ensures I know exactly what one can expect at each event. At most of the events, I am now well known to Race Organisers.

Should something possibly go awry, please try to take this in your stride…and leave the panicking to me. If there is anything that measures the success of these tours it's that you go away wanting to do them again and become an advocate for family and friends. This is what will be in the back of my mind each day

Q: What is the accommodation like?

 A: We stay in minimum 3-star hotels, except for Pavullo where we stay in very clean, 2br apartments. Again, note that Regional towns present the challenge of limited, basic accommodation choices so you won't see the hotel chains - or as many options for groups - you would find in the large cities. This fits perfectly into our look-and-feel. The priority is always for cleanliness

Q: My partner runs but I don't. Am I still able to join?

A: Certainly. The Tours are designed to also cater for partners who don't run. It does make sense if you like to walk, as you can accompany us for almost all of the running sessions, mostly circuits where we would arrange to go in opposite directions eg: walkers clockwise, runners counter-clockwise.

Q: Do the tours cater for food allergies?

A: In short, no. Given the food places we visit are authentic, we cannot be certain that your dietary requirements can safely be met. In saying that, you are always encouraged to ask, and in most cases should be accommodated, especially where we have time to verify with the venue. It's just not something we can be certain about or properly control.

Q: What are the pace of the tours?

A: Most Tours are designed to get to a number of towns, but not too greedy so that you need a holiday to recover from them. We think we’ve got that balance right. If you need more flex, you are welcome to skip any training sessions to suit

Q: What are the size of the Tours?

A: Except the Sicilian Tour which is unlimited - all other Tours are limited to a maximum of 10 people per Tour. This allows us to comfortably travel around in a modern, air-conditioned 12-Seater van. It also ensures we can be catered for in towns which typically have smaller food venues and accommodation options

Q: Do you accommodate for children?

A: The Tours are designed for adults travelling solo, couples or in groups. However, if there is enough interest, and remembering the maximum Tour size is 10, we may fill a tour with families-only. We are happy to prepare a quote for a family, where we can look to reducing costs

Q: There are still questions I have that are not in the FAQs. Can I reach out direct?

A: At the end of the day, the better your expectations are understood, the better position we are in to know if they can be met - and we will be sure to let you know either way. So, you are encouraged to contact us as much as needed until you are satisfied. We can't stress this enough.